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Dian Lake Resort Project

2000MU=133.4 Hectares (14,407,200 sq ft) Land development on West Dian Lake Resort, Kunming New City, Yunnan Province China.

Dian Lake Resort location

Location Introduction:

Dian Lake is one of China’s largest Fresh water Lakes, It attracts throngs of tourist from all over the world year round by its poetical associations is a true celebration of AWE-IN SPRING natural charms.

Dian Lake resort view 1 Dian lake resort view 2 Dian Lake Resort view 3

Kunming as the capital city of Yunnan province is situated on the north side of Dian Lake resort, widely acclaimed as the “Spring City”. Kunming has a temperate climate with an annual average temperature of 59 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius) It is spring like weather all year round. For that reason, Kunming has always been the hosting City for national and international conference and culture events for China Central Government, Dian Lake Resort has always been the home of Chinese Olympic Team.

The rapid development ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asia Nation) has always kept a close eye on opportunities of mutual beneficial. On November 4, 2002 China and ASEAN countries struck a win-win deal with the “Framework Agreement on China-ASEAN Comprehensive Economic Cooperation’, officially announcing the birth of China-ASEAN Free Trade Zone. With 1.7 billion consumers, this free trade zone generates an annual total GDP of nearly USD 2,000 billion a total trade volume valued at USD1, 200 billion.

Dian Lake resort lakeYunnan province boards on Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. At home its adjoining provinces include Sichuan, Guangxi and Tibet Autonomous Region. With its key geographical location, for thousand years it serves as a “LAND BRIDGE”. Leading to ASEAN countries and is widely acclaimed as the “SOUTHERN SILK ROAD”. (see New York Times Report on March 31, 2008)

The creation of China-ASEAN Free Trade Zone brings to Yunnan unprecedented opportunities of social and economic importance. To grasp those opportunities, the central and local government has set three strategic goals of building Yunnan into “an ENVIROMENTAL FRIENDLY ECONMIC POWERHOUSE’, “a NATIONAL CULTURE ICON” and “an INTERNATIONAL GRANDTHOROGHFARE Linking up with SOUTHEAST ASIA and SOUTH ASIA”.

Pan Asia Rail Roads
Pan Asia Roads

“The Grand Thoroughfare” a mix of the Pan-Asia Railways, Pan-Asia Roads and a well established Extensive network of Waterways and Air services, will weave together Southeast Asia and Yunnan and further the entire west China.

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2. "In Isolated Hills of Asia, New Roads to Speed the Trade of an Empire" (New York Times, March 31, 2008)

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