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About Sequoia East


A Sequoia is the longest living organism on Earth. Thus Sequoia East was chosen as our enterprise name in order to convey certain qualities: strength, wisdom, endurance. Sequoia East is a multinational concern promoting significant relationships with China and Southeast Asia. Our mission includes forging positive alliances between East and West with particular sensitivity to both cultural differences and cultural similarities. We are a purveyor of strategic partnerships in order to benefit and enhance all persons involved in these alliances.  A women owned, minority business, a member of NMSDC[National Minority Supplier Development Council].


Sequoia East, LLC (SE) was founded in 1989 in China. The enterprise was established as an architectural and interior design, engineering, and construction company for various commercial, office, retail, and residential buildings. From the beginning, the firm has pursued a broad spectrum of development, from very simple to highly sophisticated, extremely complex designs. After over 25 years of stable and gradual growth, the company has become a successful enterprise with integrated capital structure, multi-component property management, and superior administration. SE is multi-faceted including, real estate development, mineral natural resources production, process and marketing sales, four-star hotel ownership and management, transportation of goods and materials, warehouse storage services, architectural and interior design, and engineering and property management in many different locations. The company maintains stable joint operations with various well known and successful enterprises both nationally and internationally.

Sequoia East possesses an independent management system. It is both people oriented and achievement oriented. In addition, it possesses the investment and capital composition, complying with the Law of Peoples Republic of China. Most importantly, the company’s major thrusts are to elevate the company self image, maintaining a multi-level, multi-unit staff encouragement and recognition system. SE has adopted a vigorous creative process, persisting in a stable, harmonized expansion pattern in strategy, supervision, and service.

Since the company was founded, it has received strong support from all previous and current government officials at many levels. The company was cited for optimizing capital structure, therefore enjoying favorable government policy. After the approval of the Peoples Government, SE China was classified as one of the top 40 focal pointing, large company. With these strong foundations, the company, in accordance with the capital expanding pattern and in coalition with superior enterprises in different international and domestic industry and in accordance with market economy objectives in regular and international economy constantly seeks the key moment for optimal growth, expanding to larger market space and market share towards an even more productive future.

Real Estate Development
Steel & Coal Natural Resource Production
Architectural Design and Engineering
Property Management
Investment Consulting Brokerage
Industrial & Commerce Trading
Natural Stone Production
China Health Industry and Retreat/Retirement City
Dian Lake Resort
MOMA Phase 3
Beijing Project
Citigroup Inc.

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