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China Health Industry and Retreat/Retirement City

5000 Acre Land Development, Budget of $7.2 billion, Dian Lake Resort in Spring City - Kuming, Yunnan Province, China


The health industry in China has been increasing by 20 percent per year, a total of $146 billion in 2008. It is expected to reach $1.755 trillion by 2020.

Following Chairman Mao’s reunification of China in 1949, the first generation of modern China has grown to retirement age. Currently, ten percent of the total population is over 60, and seven percent is over 65. By 2040, there will be 26 percent of the population over the age of 60. This group of people has been working for the government almost their entire life and is now enjoying a reasonable pension for life long dedication. In addition, their children, the second generation of modern China, are in their forties, most of whom have become successful and earn a middle or upper, middle class income, are eager to contribute and relocate their parents to a retirement home, a retreat where their parents can enjoy their later years and be provided with capable, world class medical facilities available in case of emergency along with a pleasant, nurturing life style. Currently, however, there are very few retirement and/or nursing homes which don’t meet the requirements and desires of both children and elderly Chinese parents.

In 2008, at a meeting of the central government, recognizing the need for the creation of retirement/retreat residences, convened and focused on nationwide land use. Kunming - Dian Lake Resort City, the popular Spring City, the winter and summer training base for the Chinese Olympic teams, has been one of the few designated cities charged with the creation of a true retreat, retirement residence with both world class medical facilities and a research lab. Kunming has been chosen, not only because of the year round beneficial climate, but also the rich resources for natural herbal medicine and minerals in Yunnan Province, where Kunming Dian Lake is located. It is a province that has been known historically for its natural medicine and resources. In addition, as the political, financial and cultural center of China which connects directly to Southeast Asia (from the history  The Old Silk Road, and reestablished  again in 2002), it attracts people from East Asia, Southeast  Asia, South Asia and the rest of the world to visit and relax.

Thus, the Yunnan government via Kunming City government has designated 5,000 acres of land in the suburbs of Kunming on beautiful Dian Lake Resort to create a ”China Health Industrial and Retreat City.” Sequoia East China has been appointed as both the developer and management provider for this project.

The project includes several components: retirement/retreat residences and a community center which will include retail stores, restaurants, entertainment, theaters, a museum, sports center and a continuing education center for the elderly population. The medical complex will encompass: a rehab center, medicine production center, medical research and on-site education center, and emergency room. The total budget is $7.2 billion of which $2.6 billion will be used for the retirement/retreat residence and the supporting infrastructure, totaling about $70 million buildable Square Foot. The remaining $4.6 billion will be used for building the health industry and production, research, and education center. The project will be composed of 20 percent equity and 80 percent leveraged monies. The government will assist in the 20 percent starting capital, about $500 million, as the start-up for the project. Sequoia East will provide the overall management for not only the architectural design and construction but also to continue to build the financial structure, bringing in sources and participating partners to complete all components of the project. The project is scheduled to be completed within eight years, the first phase of which to be focused on the retirement/retreat residence and facilities, the community center.

Since the project is to satisfy and assist the government in a major strategy, providing an enormous number of jobs in the area as well as benefitting the elderly, the government will offer a very attractive price for land purchases, tax free for the first two to three years, along with other beneficial tax benefits.

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