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China - Health Industry and Retreat/Retirement City


Part One: Retirement | Retreat Residence

Retreat City Village Private Single Retreat Home
Living Room Terrace with Water View
Retirement Complex Apartment Building Water View from the Apartment
Apartment Interior

Part Two: Community Center & Supporting Infrastructure

5 Star Hotel Hotel Interior
Hotel Amenity Spa
Golf Course Vineyard
Yoga and Energy Healing Central Park
Commercial Center Museum
Opera Theatre Beijing Opera
Fork Art Museum Sports Stadium
Exhibition Hall  


Part Three: Medical Centre

Medical Center Emergency Room
Medical Research & Production Center Chinese Medicine Research and Prodcution Center
On-site Medical Training & Education Center University of Medicine
Talent Exchange Center

Part Four: Rehab Center

Rehab Treatment Rehab Spa
Gym Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Center
Nutrition Cafeteria Rehab Community Center
Continue Education Center for Elderly Poplulation



Real Estate Development
Steel & Coal Natural Resource Production
Architectural Design and Engineering
Property Management
Investment Consulting Brokerage
Industrial & Commerce Trading
Natural Stone Production
China Health Industry and Retreat / Retirement City
Dian Lake Resort
MOMA Phase 3
Beijing Project
Citigroup Inc.

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